World Education Fair 2019 - Plovdiv, 7 Oct, Grand Hotel Plovdiv: 07 October 2019
11:00|Paris Hall
Adriane Marriott-Mills, Falmouth University
Adriane Marriott-Mills has over 15 years of experience helping young people to progress to higher education and achieve their potential. She is an experienced and qualified teacher and lecturer and has led many projects focussed on helping learners to find the right learning pathways to achieve their career and progression goals, maximise their learning potential and succeed. After spending 10 years working in the further education sector in community development, she turned her energy to project management acting strategic lead for a university consortium widening participation in higher education project for 6 years. She has also worked in the private sector supporting international schools to use web-based learning materials to enhance attainment and work beyond the curriculum. Adriane worked at Falmouth University for 2.5 years, supporting young people to progress to Falmouth University and to understand course content and requirements, enhance their employability and understand the creative industries jobs landscape. She also works with teachers and advisors to support them to offer quality advice and guidance to their students, make successful applications to the University and to understand changing skills requirements and developments in the creative industries.
Изборът Холандия - академично или практическо образование?
12:00|Paris Hall
Весела Кутова
Всичко за кандидатстването и обучението в Германия и Австрия
13:00|Paris Hall
Магдалена Симеонова
Образование по време на Брекзит - пътят към Обединеното кралство
14:00|Paris Hall
Николай Христанов
Експресен курс за успешно мотивационно писмо
15:00|Paris Hall
Весела Кутова
Успешна реализация в България с диплома от чужбина или защо избрах да се върна в България
16:00|Paris Hall
Людмила Тенева
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