World Education Fair Sofia, October 2020 (in-person): 02-03 October 2020
Intensive course: How to write an effective cover letter?
11:00|International Business School
Polina Zhecheva, Integral
The cover letter is one of the most difficult and important elements of the application process. Clear and well structured, it helps the candidates to stand out from the rest and impress the admissions committee. Learn the main highlights and specifications for writing an effective cover letter with our intensive course.
Italy: tradition and innovation in the education in the cultural center of Europe
12:00|International Business School
Aneliya Marinova, Integral
Along with the majestic culture, nice climate and authentic cuisine, Italy offers you affordable quality education in some of the oldest and prestigious universities in the world. If you are looking for education in Design and Architecture, then Italy is the right choice for you. 
Netherlands - innovative academic or practical education in English
13:00|International Business School
Viktor-Asen Asenov, Integral
Holland is one of the most preferable foreign destinations because of its innovative and affordable education. With more than 2100 programs in English, the country offers many academic or applied studies opportunities. Join our specialized presentation and learn what differentiates both teaching methods in the Netherlands. 
Studying in UK after Brexit - new requirements and financial conditions
14:00|International Business School
Stefka Zlateva, Integral
How Brexit will affect the higher education in Great Britain, what are the new requirements and fees for foreign students and will there be differences in the conditions in each UK member state? Learn everything about the latest changes by our senior educational consultant, Stefka Zlateva.
Free education and English-thought programs in the Scandinavian countries
15:00|International Business School
Nikolay Hristanov, Integral
Sweden and Denmark are two of the few countries offering tuition-free education for international students. However, the lack of fees is by no means the only advantage of the two Scandinavian states. Modern university campuses, high quality of life and outstanding academic standard are just a few of the features attracting everyone, who wants to apply their knowledge in real professional endeavours. 
Educational reform in Bulgaria - Tips and tricks in choosing the right high school profile
16:00|International Business School
Polina Zhecheva, Integral
The latest educational reform in Bulgaria focuses mainly on the students, giving them more freedom of choice. However, with the introduction of two stages of high school education, determining the right profiles in school becomes even more important for university applications and career success. Polina Zhecheva's workshop will give answers to all questions related to choosing a profile at school.
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