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26 September 2023
Countdown: 4 Days13 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Sofia, 7 October 2023
Hilton Sofia
07 October 2023
Countdown: 15 Days12 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Plovdiv, 8 October 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Plovdiv
08 October 2023
Countdown: 16 Days12 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Burgas, 9 Оctober 2023
Hotel Bulgaria Burgas
09 October 2023
Countdown: 17 Days12 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Varna, 10 Оctober 2023
Graffit Gallery Hotel
10 October 2023
Countdown: 18 Days12 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
28 October 2023
Countdown: 36 Days12 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Sofia, 23 March 2024
Hilton Sofia
23 March 2024
Countdown: 183 Days13 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Plovdiv, 24 March 2024
DoubleTree by Hilton Plovdiv
24 March 2024
Countdown: 184 Days13 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Burgas, 25 March 2024
Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz
25 March 2024
Countdown: 185 Days13 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
Varna, 26 March 2024
Graffit Gallery Hotel
26 March 2024
Countdown: 186 Days13 Hours39 minutes9 seconds
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