Bucksmore (Nord Anglia Education)
Bucksmore (Nord Anglia Education)
You will find information about Bucksmore Education at the Oxford International table at the World Education Fair event.
In addition, in addition to individual meetings with delegates, you will be able to attend workshops and presentations offered by experts on education issues and you will benefit from special discounts and many other excellent offers.
Fill in the registration form below. Participation in the event is free.
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Bucksmore Organization was founded in 1979 and it has been offering language courses for foreigners since then. Courses are taught at prestigious universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London. There are special courses for students who intend to continue their secondary or higher education in the United Kingdom.
– Young leader – an intensive course that includes lectures, seminars, problem-solving debates and presentations. There are no English language courses. Some of the specific topics that are discussed are related to Britain’s legal system, great British leaders; political debates are conducted; time-management and oral presentation skills are taught; students participate in negotiations, learn how to build professional networks, branding. Students work on a project.
– A preparation for applying to a top university – the programme is designated for ambitious and motivated foreign students who are about to apply to top UK universities. Classes are taught in small groups and the focus is on five points. Common lectures and seminars are organized for all students: General cultural knowledge; Personal skills,  Preparation for applying to a university; Seminars on academic skills; Personal advisers.
– Oxford, Cambridge and London Advanced Studies Programs – The teaching methods reflect the ones at Oxford and Cambridge. The programme is suitable for students with excellent English language skills or those whose mother tongue is English, as well as students from the USA. Classes are taught in small groups and in most cases the teachers are alumni and tutors from Oxford University and Cambridge University. In addition to the classes, students participate in entrepreneurship seminars; journalism; film making; theater; Urban Sketching; and debates
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