d'Overbroeck's College
d'Overbroeck's College
You will find information about d'Overbroeck's College at the Oxford International table at the World Education Fair event.
In addition to individual meetings with delegates, you will be able to attend workshops and presentations provided by experts on education issues and you will benefit from special discounts and many other excellent offers.
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Established in 1978 in the immediate vicinity of the famous Oxford University Center, the college expands in 2017 with a new campus, intended for students enrolled in the A-Levels program.

The college has an excellent academic reputation and is suitable for independent, highly motivated and ambitious students, aiming to apply to prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, Newcastle, Leeds, etc. The academic level of teaching, the unofficial friendly atmosphere, the teacher-teacher relationships based on trust and the active participation of the students in the learning process are the basis of the good results during the examination. The college has a training program specially designed for medicine and law, and a large part of the teachers are authors of textbooks and board members. An important element in the effective progress of the students is their relationship with the teachers, which is carried out at two levels, through direct consultation and periodic assessments and by preparing detailed reports on efforts and results, as well as recommendations for improvement.

In addition to the new campus in Banbury Road, the college also has three buildings, within walking distance of each other. Ewert Place is located in Summertown, a neighborhood in the north of the city. In the building are held mathematics courses, natural sciences and art. The base includes laboratories specialized in physics, chemistry and biology modernly equipped, computer room and workshops for plastic arts, ceramics and photography.

Swan Building is located on Banbury Road, between Summertown and downtown. In this building are the rooms for the rest of the disciplines, the library and a common recreation room. The music department, recording studio and theater studio are located in Leckford Place.

Extracurricular activities
The college offers over 20 interest clubs, and the meetings take place twice a week. The theater studio, the orchestra, the college choir, the jazz club, the discussion clubs, the group debates on politics, philosophy and economics, the military and sports section of Duke of Edinburgh and others enjoy a great popularity.

Sports: soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, swimming, hockey, netball, climbing and more are offered. The sports halls and playgrounds at Oxford Brookes University are used for this purpose.
Art: Art is an integral part of campus life. The students in the theater band are actively involved in the entire creative process, from concept to implementation and interpretation. Every year a new show or musical is presented. The musical program contains numerous concerts and solo shows that take place in the music hall of Keble College, part of Oxford University.
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