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Exsportise organization has 30 years of experience in offering professional sports training, English or music classes. Both sports and music are activities which have in common the development of several qualities and essential skills: teamwork, leadership, motivation, discipline and friendship. The staff consists of former professional and Olympic athletes, who aim to turn each student into a future winner. The courses take place in the campuses of four of the most famous elite schools in England.

Oundle School (11 - 17 years old)
It is located in the town with the same name, about 2 hours north of London. The excellent campus of this elite school has a large swimming pool and a gym. The accommodation comprises rooms with 4 or 6 beds, as well as rooms with 2 beds, but their number is limited. For horse riding lessons, students use the equestrian base nearby. Trips to amusement parks are organised on Saturday, and trips to Cambridge and Nottingham on Sunday.

Seaford College (10 - 16 years old)
It is located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex County, near Brighton. The excellent sports and study facilities of the school cover an area of ​​400 acres and include: tennis courts, football and hockey fields, and a 9 hole golf course. It offers accommodation in rooms with 3-8 beds, and for the girls, there is also a limited number of single rooms. The trips are organised to fun parks.

Clayesmore School (9 - 14 years old)
The school is situated in Iwerne Minster town, in Dorset County, near Bournemouth and 2.5 hours from London. All study programs are conducted on the school campus, except for the horse riding lessons. It features an indoor swimming pool and a gym. The accommodation is offered in rooms with 2-4 beds, but there are also a few rooms with over 6 beds. Trips are organised to Bath, Bournemouth, Southampton or to amusement parks.

Worth (10 - 16 years old) 
Founded in 1930, Worth is one of the most impressive schools in England. Close to Gatwick Airport, in the High Weald area, the school covers an area of 500 acres and is located close to the Gatwick airport. It strikes visitors with its classic British architecture combined with modern facilities for study, accommodation and sports training. The students benefit from football, rugby and golf courses, tennis courts, and also theatre, music and dance stages. Horse riding lessons can also be taken in the nearby area. Students are accommodated in double rooms with shared bathrooms. Trips are organised to London, Brighton, amusement park, etc.
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