VIA University College - School of Technology and Business, TEKO Design and Business
VIA University College - School of Technology and Business, TEKO Design and Business
Representatives of VIA University College will be attending the Fair and will be able to provide you with detailed information about their organization.

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In addition, next to one-to-one meetings with the delegates, you will be able to participate in expert workshops and presentations on education-related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other great offers.
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VIA University College is the 3rd largest educational institution in Denmark with more than 18,000 students, of which about 2,500 are international. The university offers programmes in engineering, software engineering, fashion and design, animation, marketing and management, architectural technology and construction on its campuses located in Horsens, Herning, Aarhus and Viborg. In addition to the academic environment, the education also offers professional orientation to students.

The bachelor's programs last 3 and a half years and include training in small classes with personal attention to the development of each student. Through partnership projects with business companies, students find workable solutions through their projects focused on real cases. VIA Student Incubator - encourages and supports the creativity of students, giving them the opportunity to create and develop their entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to implement their business ideas. With more than 400 partner institutions, students have the opportunity to spend a semester at another university as part of their studies.
The university is well known for its excellent engineering specialties in the field of mechanical, construction and software engineering. According to the latest research, in 2025 there will be a shortage of 6,500 engineers in Denmark, which makes the programs sought after by international students with a desire for successful professional career after graduation, with the average monthly starting salary of a VIA graduate engineer being around 5,000 euros.
Students starting their programme in September 2021 in Horsens will have the opportunity to study at the all-new campus of the university, located next to the city center. It will offer 16 new laboratories, a student center, 80 classrooms and an entirely new student atmosphere.
The university has accommodation located in the city center, which applicants can reserve for the entire period of study in the first year.
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