HTMI Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
HTMI Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
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The institute is located in Sörenberg, in the canton of Lucerne, where one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Switzerland is located. HTMi students have the chance to live, study and practice in the two traditional Swiss hotels. The campus, which is a UNESCO heritage site due to its natural beauty, hosts a large number of international students interested in Switzerland's tourism experience.

The campus has two main buildings, Panorama Hotel and Hotel Mariental which offer views of Rothorn Mountain. In these two buildings, HTMi students are trained in the restaurant, kitchen, cafe and bar. Also in these two buildings are the student rooms and classrooms.

HTMi is in the top 14 QS best hotel and tourism management universities in the world, in the top 5 best hotel and tourism management universities in Switzerland, and first in the top hotel and tourism management universities in Lucerne.

From an academic point of view, Switzerland is famous for its studies in the field of tourism and the hospitality industry. In this sense, the Hotel and Tourism Management Institute - HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland, is a private educational center, offering both bachelor's, master's degree programs in the field of tourism and hotel management, as well as specialized courses in the field. culinary and events.
The programs, offered in English, focus on training young aspirants for a career in the field of hotel and tourism management, an objective that is also promoted by the institute's motto, namely "Come as a student, become a manager!". The courses offered by HTMi ensure the need for both theoretical and practical knowledge for this profession, and at the same time teach students the managerial attitudes corresponding to the development of a career in the field. HTMi offers a double diploma for undergraduate courses in partnership with Ulster University and a triple diploma for postgraduate courses in partnership with Edinburgh University.

Students have the chance to practice the paid internship in over 200 restaurants and hotel chains partnering with HTMi. Thus, students accumulate professional experience since the student years, which facilitates finding a job after completing their studies. At the same time, HTMi organizes recruitment sessions on campus, where international companies in the hotel field offer jobs to students from HTMi.
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