Study in Netherlands
Study in Netherlands
You will find answers to all your questions regarding Higher education in Netherlands at the World Education Fair. Take advantage of a personal consultation by simply completing a registration prior the event.

In addition, next to one-to-one meetings with the delegates, you will be able to participate in expert workshops and presentations on education related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other great offers.
Complete the registration and get your free ticket by using the button “Register”
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The Netherlands is one of the most preferred destinations for education abroad because of its quality and innovative studies at an affordable price. Last year the Dutch government halved the fee for the first year of all freshmen in undergraduate programs from EU member states. Students also have the opportunity to receive student loan funding for tuition fees as well as financial support for a portion of their living expenses. The number of programs offered in English is increasing every year.
Universities in the Netherlands are two types: for research and of applied sciences. The second ones are professionally oriented and prepare students for various spheres of economic life. The duration of the undergraduate programs at the universities of applied sciences is 4 years and internships are an integral part of the education process. Upon graduation, students have the practical experience they need to become successful in their chosen profession. In universities with a scientific profile, research is integrated into the program. Scientific developments become part of every student's daily routine. The duration of the undergraduate programs is 3 years, and the master's degrees are studied for one or two years.
From the different universities’ representatives you will receive detailed information about the application conditions, the different universities and programs available, the funding, the options for accommodation and answers to the most frequently asked practical questions.
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