HAN University of Applied Sciences
HAN University of Applied Sciences
​Representatives of HAN University of Applied Sciences will be present at the World Education Fair and will be able to provide you with detailed information about their institution.

In addition to one-to-one meetings with delegates, you will be able to participate in workshops and presentations on education related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other excellent offers.

Fill in the registration form below in order to sign up for the event. Participation is free.
Register here
Bulgarian students can apply or financial aid in two forms – student loan and student subsidy. The student loan covers the tuition fee and the applicant must meet the following criteria: to have Citizenship of an EU country; to be under 30 years of age; to be a full-time student; to have a BSN number (obtained after address registration in the local municipality in the Netherlands). For 2018 the student loan interest rate is 0%. The student subsidy is € 386 per month. Eligibility criteria must be met: under 30 years of age; full-time student; work contract for over 56 hours per month; parents’ income below € 30,000 per year. Features of Student Subsidy:
  1. Can be forgiven if you graduate within 10 years
  2. Granted for 4 years of study
  3. The maximum financial contribution is € 386.00 per month
  4. The maximum amount will be granted for parents' incomes below € 30,000 per year
In addition to the two forms of funding, students can also benefit from a free urban transport card or the so-called Travel product.
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